Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Romney in '12 /What would Ronald Reagan have done.

The way GOP big wigs are having trouble with the zippers on their trousers, and with the economy still in the tank,the list of real contenders for the next Presidential race is thinning out.While Palin can still bring excitement to a crowd,she has done little since Nov. to work on her foreign policy or for that matter domestic issues resume. No foreign trips, no position papers or comments on Iran, N. korea, Israel or anything.We have not heard her thoughts on the auto bailout etc. In addition her family leaves much to be desired vis a vis the symbols we look for in leadership families.
While it is still a long way to go,the one Republican who can talk the economy based on real business experience is Gov. Romney. Now that we have a quasi-Muslim President, the Mormon issue, will no longer be a factor.His family life and his positions on foreign policy will attract those on the US who voted for Obama, but now are drifting away based upon the feeling they were fooled by BIG LIBERALISM.Romney is handsome and telegenic.

Yesterday when asked why he hasn't been more aggressive on Iran,Obama answered that we don't know how it will end!
When Ronald Reagan stood at the Berlin Wall and said "Mr Gorbachev tear down this wall", he likewise did not know how his words would help bring about the destruction of the wall.
Obama does not care for the young people marching,in fact they are obstructing his grand vision to sit with the Ayatollah and charm him.
In that regard I urge you to read the editorial in the current Commentary magazine by John Podhoretz on the Obama plan to be "honest" with Israel- meaning a Palestinian State with 100% ISRAELI CON CESSIONS AND 0% PALESTINIAN CONCESSIONS IN ORDER TO ACHIEVE HIS MASTER PLAN.