Sunday, June 14, 2009


Listening to Bibi's talk was difficult in that I really don't support a Palestinian State.However he crafted it in such a manner, that the Arabs will not waste even one moment of thought in attacking it, and guaranteeing there will never be a Palestinian State.
Indeed in the few hours since the talk,the vehemence of the PA is off the chart.
I guess they would have liked him to say:
"Yes Pres Obama, we will move 300,000 Jews back to the '48 border,
yes we will help you build barbed wire fences to divide Jerusalem,
yes we will accept 1 million Arabs into Israel so that they can show their love for the "Zionist Entity"
and we will invite the Hamas and all the Arab nations who over the years have tried to destroy Israel to send military units into the new State"
Sorry suicide is not the order of the day