Tuesday, June 23, 2009

double standard-x2 / Sarkozy-Obama

As we all know David Letterman made a disgusting "joke" about Sarah Palin's daughter.NOW and other feminist groups were silent.There is no question that had he made the same remarks regarding the Obama girls,he would be history.
Somehow the old girls network and left wing blogosphere is not there to protect conservatives.
David Letterman himself was living with a woman,and they had a baby-commonly known in our neck of the woods as a mamzer.Then after many years he decides to marry her.No jokes,no barbs no criticisms from the media elite.

Three cheers for French President Sarkozy who flatly said that the female Muslim head covering (Burqua) was not welcome in France.It is not he said a religious article,but a symbol of male dominance and seperation.This is exactly opposit of the Obama Cairo speech.
The President seemed annoyed and defensive when a reporter asked him if his tough rhetoric today on Iran was in response to Sens. McCain and Lindsey Graham's push.In essence the Pres. statements.were exactly taken from the 2 Senators speeches.