Monday, June 15, 2009

Benny Begin M.K. / Reform Clergy

One of the Israeli leaders that I have the most respect for is Benny Begin.He is not a politician,rather a very straight and honest academician.
In announc ing that he will not leave the government over Bibi's speech ( he is extremely anti-Palestinian State).he made one important observation.Namely that after a nunber of years a demilitarized State can and has the potential(will) to remilitarize.The end result would make it very difficult for Israel to invade,if the remilitariztion were done slowly.

At a moment when Israel needs unity and support from the diaspora,leave it to the Reform "Rabbinate" to join the ranks of tha attackers.
Yesterday in honor of the PM's talk these "chachamim" (wise ?) "religious " leaders proclaimed the settlements are the greatest obstacle for peace(including natural growth).
Let's remember,their history = anti-Zionist even after the State was formed.Their attachment to the traditions of our people include unkosher Yom Kipper balls in the early days.
It is not hard to fathom why their brand of "religion" has not caught on in Israel, and as Dr Lamm correctly pointed out,theirs is a group populated to a great extent by gentiles-far removed from the halachah.