Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Obama Muslim Roots /Road map understandings / N. Korea / early election muses

Tonite Drudge Report has a leading story on the Obama Muslim roots,which is what I wrote about yesterday!

I believe it was Ehud Barack who today pointed out, that the original aceptance by Israel of the " Road Map" was part of an understanding that they could build housing within settlements.
If the Obama administration wants to renege on the deal, then Israel should be free to reject the road map.
Today for the first time,Politico.com ,notes that a few pro-Israel Congressmen are starting to raise their voices.
More and louder voices are needed.

It is hard to believe that as N. Korea prepares for more rocket launches, and further nuclear development, we are talking of decreasing missile defense!

I don't have the NJ primary results yet,but trhe Republicans have a real early shot at Senate seats in NY,(if Pataki runs),Del, Pennsylvania and Illinois.Nevada is another possibility if they can get a candidate.