Sunday, June 14, 2009


Before the Iranian election,the press was portaying the possible election of Mousavi as a step toward liberalism.In fact every analyst knew that in the end no matter who won there would be a continuation of Iranian policy toward Hamas ,Hezbollah and nuclear proliferation.The difference wold be one of tone and abrasiveness.The ultimate policy comes from the religious leader.
In fact a number of sophisticated pro-Israel commentatorsa were rooting for Ahmadinejad,so as not to confuse the issues,and allow the Iranians additional time for nuclear development,as we waste time with negotiations.,
Surely today the Bibi talk will emphasize this existential threat to Israel.It is clear from the toothless UN resolution on N. Korea, that Obama has no stomach to protect the US from those monsters if it means military power-even at sea to interdict a boat.
No one in their right mind at this moment can believe he will lift a finger at Iran .Rather he will accept Iran as a nuclear power.With N. Korea looking to sell nuclear technology and plants,and with a nuclear Iran ,the race to supply terrorists,Syria Saudia Arabia ,Egypt and A WHOLE HOST OF OUR WORLDS GREATEST DEMOCRACIES will be underway.
Only tiny Israel will have the means and desire to stand up-but it will be dangerous,difficult and possibly costly.However preserving ones own nation mandates taking such sacrifices.The option of not doing so yields much worse results.

Again I have no inside information regarding the contents of the Bibi speech.However it is not so much whether he mentions the"2-state" words,but rather defining clearly what such an entity must be.Such a step must be at the END of a process that includes instituting the rule of law,the end of terror,the cessation of incitement and the acceptance of Israel as a Jewish State.Any Arab "refugees" would be free to return to that entity and not Israel.
Demilitarized-open skies for Israel,control by Israel of the borders,no division of Jerusalem,no Hamas State and immediate consequences for violations are all necessary fot the final negotiations.