Monday, June 29, 2009

Gaza / Honduras / New Haven

The Reds Cross and other organizations atack Israel for conditions in Gaza.They claim 1.5 million people are in a "jail", and that Israel will not allow material in for construction.
No mention of the tunn els, nor of the rocket atacks,or the horses with explosives attached to them. We do not hear about Shalit,and most importantly no men tion that the steel and concrete goes to build bunkers.
How about their addressing these issues!

I find it amazing (as outlined in this mornings WSJ) that our Pres. and State Dept. should attack the coup in Honduras where a dictator and ally of Chavez was seeking dictatorial powers.His actions were ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.Can't this admisistration be on the right side of anything?

Three cheers for the Supreme Court in the New Haven fire case.Discrimination is just that, even if it is REVERSE!
It is hard to understand the logic of the WH,that says the decision shows Judge Sotomayer is not biased=huh?