Monday, June 22, 2009

E.Jerusalem- JEWS KEEP OUT!

The report that that the State Dept. announced that new Israeli building in E. Jerusalem is included in the Obama " freeze" adds another nail into the coffin of THE MYTH THAT OBAMA IS A FRIEND.
The Jewish Dems are sending e-mails trying to defuse the reality of the sad anti-Israel program that Obama and Hillary have undertaken.
Netanyahu has gone out of his way not to criticize OBAMA ON HIS PASSIVITY IN IRAN,HOWEVER THE FEELINGS and words ARE NOT RECIPROCAL.
Israel must continue to build in Maale Adumim,Efrat,Har Homa and all the E-1 ring.All of these areas are suburbs of Jerusalem.
What is most disturbing is that self hating left wing groups like Peace Now, are monitoring every govt. activity ,including line by line inspection of the budget that includes funding for some projects.
How can Jews do that to undermine the State and their fellow Jews?
Unfortunately we have no mechanism to punish such people, however as we say in the Talmud "yesh din, vyesh dayan" there is a higher power that will judge and apportion punishment.
The faster they build these projects the faster the attacks from the left and Obama will dissipate.
More than that-if the "freeze" that Bibi placed on new settlements is not met by some reciprocal PA moves,then that concession should be taken off the table, and new settlements begun .In fact no matter what concessions Israel makes, there will be no recognition of Israel by the Arab world