Tuesday, June 16, 2009

BIBI GOT IT RIGHT /Carter cries!

The more I think of it, the more brilliant does Bibi's speech appear to be.We know Mubarak asked Bibi to announce that negotations would continue from where they left off.
That is the problem.Israeli negotiators over the years negotiate in secret,make concessions and the Arabs ask-no demand for more concessions,and then walk away.They want to start the next round from where they left off-concessions in hand..There is no end point.Arabs believed they could get a Capital in Jerusalem and maybe 50 or 100,000 "refugees" into Israel.
Bibi explained the cause of a lack of peace.Failure to recognize Israel as a Jewish State.The Arabs want 2 States,the first all-Arab, the second a mixed State that eventually will become Muslim.
"You want us to recognize an Arab State-fine,then recognize us as a Jewish State.You want to live in peace,fine but you don't need an Army."
Remember they lost every war they started.Japan and Germany post-war were demilitarized. I saw on the internet,that 23 small nations including Iceland have no Army.
Every single statement of Bibi was on mark.
The Arabs were shocked because they thought that after Obama Bibi would fold.To the contrary he rose to the occasion, outlined a logical and well thought out plan.
He never mentioned the Saudi Plan a non-starter,but placed the onus on the Arab world to face reality.

The JP reports our friend Jimmy Carter held back tears when he saw the destruction in Gaza.No comment on a tour of the tunnels.While he decried bombs on Sderot (7000) the moral equivalency of Sderot-Gaza is nauseating.
I would say his visit to the home of Shaul Goldstein head of the settlers in Nve Daniel-right next to Efrat was encouraging.He told Shaul ,who is an old friend,that these types of settlements will stay forever-THANKS