Thursday, June 18, 2009

Olive Garden / A thought / Jewish Press on Glanz

kudos to the Olive Garden for cancelling their ads on Letterman.

A gentleman stopped me in the elevator and proclaimed:
If Israel were to disarm, the Arabs would march and slaughter the Jews.
If the Arabs were to disarm, we would have peace.

I picked up my copy of the Jewish Press,which they leave in our shul.Turning to page 58,I did a double take to make sure this was not the Purim edition.
In an article that portrays Rabbi Leib Glanz as a hero and tzaddik who does what every prison chaplain does,the author Rabbi Gershon TANNENEBAUM claims the NY PAPER THAT IS COVERING THIS CHILUL HASHEM "misunderstood and misrepresented the efforts of this orthodox Rabbi in providing for the religious needs of inmates."
How you can write this with a straight face and without admitting the outlandish and irregular conduct which will be investigated for criminal activity and already has caused high level resignations is beyond belief.He wants us to believe that the party was served "leftover or rejected institutional kosher meals" He misses the whole point,namely they are prisoners,who must follow rules that society has placed upon them
Are these people above the law,because their brand of chassidim have political power?
Certainly Tannenbaum deserves an award for his chutzpah-you name it!