Thursday, June 25, 2009

STRENGTH? through weakness!

Resume diplomatic relations with Syria-no mind that they control with Iran- Hezbollah. Or no mind that many terror groups reside in Damascus.Or that Syria was caught with a mini-nuclear plant in conjuction with N. Korea. or that the Harari murder is still outstanding. It is all part of the reach out to your enemies,and show your weakness.
First you apologize for every American ill,and then promise to squeeze Israel.You don't have to talk about democracy or human rights.Bush was for them, and anything he supported is wrong.
Next is Venezuela, that paragon of human dignity,as Pres-for-life Chavez does his best to screw our country.

I have agreed to speak in Rockland County in Sept on the topic "Were Jewish voters wrong about Obama?"
The Elliot Abrams article in todays WSJ is a must ead.Knowing Hillary she will deny it all.