Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I was going to write a larger piece regarding the foreign policy of Obama vis a vis Iran and N.Korea, however the editorial in todays WSJ pretty much summarizes the Iran part.(better than I could ever do)
The N.Korean part simply follows.However in truth this naive ands simplistic approach is not too much different than Bush. A lot of talk but no teeth in regard to these 2 regions.
The narcissistic approach to the world,is that sweet talk, overwhelming personality, a great speech in a glitzy sorrounding will cause the world to change as Angels hum ..HTH--hail to Obama)
Let's see- the end of nuclear weapons,close Gitmo,peace within 2 years in the ME, a stand-down by Iran on the nuclear issue,a nuclear free friendly N. Korea , and no outstanding issues with Russia.
AT THE SAME TIME, IGNORING REALITY HE WANTS TO REDUCE OUR DEFENSES IN THE US, and not proceed with our committments to E. Europe for missile defense.(No funds in the budget for these agreed upon projects)

Back to the Obama foreign policy look-a-like Jimmy Carter (I'm sure Obama appreciates his imput) who today recommended that the peace-loving Hamas be taken off the terrorist list!