Friday, March 04, 2011

Akaka/Thomas Friedman

Elliot Ganchrow writes:

The good news keeps rolling in for the Republicans as Senator Daniel Akaka of Hawaii announced that he would not run again in 2012. All you need to know about Akaka was that his top priority in the last Congress was to grant Native Hawiians the right to form their own government. Clearly, he will not be missed. With former Governor Lingle looming as a possible candidate, it is possible that the Republicans could have a shot at this seat.


Few writers get it wrong more consistently than Thomas Friedman of the New York Times. Yet yesterday's column was so bizarre that at first I thought it was his April Fool's edition. As it wasn't April 1st, I can only assume that Mr. Friedman was being serious in his contention that the election of President Obama was partly responsible for the remarkable democracy movement taking hold in the Arab world. But, you wonder, Obama hasn't done anything to support the young Eygptians, Libyans or Tunisians in their movement against their dictators- how is he responsible for these events. Here's Friedman's explanation, "I'm convinced that listening to Obama's 2009 Cairo speech-not the words, but the man- were more than a few young Arabs who were saying to themselves:'Hmmm, lets se. He's young. I'm young. He's dark-skinned. I'm dark-skinned. His middle name is Hussein. My name is Hussein. His grandfather is a Muslim. My grandfather is a Muslim. He is President of the United States. And I'm an unemployed younf Arab with no vote and no voice in my future." So Obama caused the Arab revolution simply by being a quasi-Muslim. You cannot make this stuff up. Maybe Friedman can nominate President Obama for his second Nobel Peace Prize.