Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kissinger on Iran

Flash; UN Human Right Council to vote on 6 anti-Israel resolutions-what's new?

Today we have seen rockets hit Beersheba,Ashdod other Negev areas plus the bus bombing in Jerusalem.Sounds like a good scenario for Israel to sue for peace!

Henry Kissinger is right on target.Libya is a side show.We must keep our eye on
Iran.Not only the Sunni-Shia battles close to Saudia Arabia which threaten US influence,but the really big question of her nuclear program.
Obama has shown the world and certainly the Israelis-you cannot put any trust in American leadership or promises.This is a lost administration without an idea of what the next step is.
Hillary would have been much better as President.
The leadership fiasco would be funny if not so sad.
So far rhe old adage,as seen in Iraq and elsewhere is that airpower is important,however you need boots on the ground to win a war.
This is the reason that Bibi has insisted that no matter what deal is ever struck with the PA, Israeli troops must guard the Jordan River, etc.