Tuesday, March 08, 2011

An impotent President / Wisconsin

It is is sickening to see our world go to pot as we have an impotent and clueless President tee off -not against Quadaffi,but against a golf ball.
I have no love nor indeed any attachment to the Libyan rebels-other than they are my enemies enemy.I have no real knowledge that a no-fly zone would prevent a massacre of the rebels.However, it is our moral responsibilityto do something besides debate within the UN.
John McCain is right on target.The Libyans have poor defensive radar,and it would be easy to lnock them out,and change the equation.
As we pointed out yesterday,the British have joined Obama in saying that the unrest in the ME, should not prevent Israel from making concessions to Abbas.

Kudos to the ZOA for pointing out the anti-Israel feelings of the NPR leadership. Now is the time to defund.

If I were in charge in Wisconsin, I would raise the pressure on the absent Dems. by adding the following:
At the end of the week,change the locks on all of their offices,and cut-off phone access.
In on e week all of their employees should be terminated as State employees.
On week after that the position should be considered vacant, and all offices should be opened and cleaned of all material.-all of their employees should be considered terminated.
Until then the fine on each Dem. should increase by $ 100-150 per week.
If their cell phones are paid by the State,service should be terminated.