Thursday, March 10, 2011


We see it every single day and we sort of develop a sixth sense,as to how far that hypocricy goes over the line.
The screaming of the Dems in Wisconsin is so far above the line,that there is no way to measure them.
Legislatures are meant to be a place where both parties join ,debate,compromise and vote.Sometomes one party has many more votes than the other(as we saw in last years makeup of the Dem. majority in the US cONGRESS),and then the people decide it is time for a change (to wit-the US House-now)
Democracy requires that elected officials not run away when they cannot get their way.
For the Dems in Wisconsin who ran away to Illinois for just under a month,to claim that "democracy was stolen" is a joke.They were outsmarted by their ego.
They used a legislative trick that said that a quorom was needed to discuss budgetary matters.They took advantage of the system, never thinking that the Reps would run out of patience.
Similarly the the Reps used a well known Wisconsin legislative move,that says in order to consider a bill, you need only post it on the bulletin board.They did more than -giving a 2 hour notice of the final vote.
What remains to be seen of course is how this will play out.Threatened union labor strikes should be met with a tough Ronald Reagan (air controllers) approach.
Recall petitions are part of democracy.
However all the chatter on the left that this is a shot in the arm for "progressives" is just a lot of talk.The majority of voters in Wisconsin do not want tax hikes and they will judge future elections by how well the actions of the last days work out.
Yes it could be a left wing boon.It could also be the death kneel for public service unions.