Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Libya- who is in charge? / Palestinian State

Since WW II it has been obvious that the US is the leader of the free world.This is primarily because of our economic might as well as military power.While Europe was concentrating on social programs, we never neglected our military budget.
Korea,Vietnam,Bosnia,Iraq and Afghanistan rightly or not have depended upon the political will of the US.
Now in Libya under President Carter, sorry I meant Obama,we have indecision, contradictory statemnts and a lack of leadership.The NATO meeting clealy showed that the old Abbott and Costello joke "whose on first" may be applicable.
Turkey a member of NATO, but not invited to the 22 group meeting where a decision was made to attack,objected to NATO leading the attack.A unanimous decision is required.
Italy which is allowing 7 of its airfields for the campaign said they may withdraw that right if NATO is not the lead.France wants to be the leader,but others object.
In addition it is not clear if the French goal is the same as Obama's.Unfortunately Obama keeps saying the goal is to get rid of Gadaffi,but not with the no-fly zone.However there is no statement as to how to reach his political goal.In addition more and more voices are being heard in Congress and the media regarding a lack of true consultation with Congress.
No one really knows the end game and what are the red lines.Luckily the downed pilot was not picked up by Libyan reulars.
All in all -a classical lack of leadership-if we succeed,it will be pure luck.

The French Foreign Minister Fillon took the opportunity of the attacks on Libya to say that there must be a Palestinian State in 2011.
Unfortunately no word on the 50+ rockets from Gaza yesterday.
No word on the atrocity in Itamar, and its root cause, -the hatred instilled in the Palestinianian population in schools,tV, media etc.
No mention of the failure to have the PA recognize Israel as a Jewish State.
Of course I could go on-however he talks nonsense-even if the UN declares a State-it would be without borders,currency, open skies, access to the sea and a divided antagonistic population in Gaza and Judea-Samaria.