Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Left / Libya- leaderless

Discoure, debate, disagreement are all part of the American way.We encourage people to defend their point of view.Hopefully it is done in a respctful and civilized way.
Lately we see a different kind of public response.The actors are primarily from the left.They are reminiscent of the Vietnam era.They travel by bus from State to State.They are not interested in discussion,but in confrontation.They will follow legislators or managers to their homes to harrass and frighten innocent families.They are often union inspired-if not paid for.
Their actions speaks to a lack of civility,but more than that .They have forfeited the high ground on the issues.Instead they act like a mob.Taking over the rotunda of a State Capitol and refusing to allow members to enter is the work of a "civilian terrorism."
When they can't get their way after free elections, they run out of state to prevent a quorum.
It may take one or two election cycles to teach the public service unions a lesson-namely that public servants are just that.We the people who pay their salaries have had enough of their shenanigans.

The conclusion of the meeting in London again showed that you cannot win a war by committee.
The end game? to recognize the rebels? to arm the rebels? to train the rebels? put boots ito Libya? whose?
I hope we don't see American casualties coming home!