Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The lethargy of Obama

Many commentators have commented on the behavior of our President.On Saturday he gave a radio address.It was the day after the Japanese disaster.He did not mentionJapan, Libya, the defecit or Jobs.He limited himself to womens pay issues.Afterwards he went to play golf.
On the Hill neither he or his V.P., has shown any leadership or real interest in coming up with a plan that will solve the problem.of the debt.
In short, the President who commented that "it would be easier to be Preident of China" has little desire to tackle world problems.France, England and the Arab League await American leadership.Obama has no interest in "LEADERSHIP" on the world stage.
He loves to make lofty speeches with flowing promises,howevever it is all talk.He promised the Unions he would be there on the picket lines.However in Wisconsin he was totally absent.
It is too bad that there is no higher offiuce in the world than US President.For if there were,he would be out campaigning for it.He appears less than committed to his current office and its daily pragmatic decisions that are required.