Wednesday, March 16, 2011


The move by Saudia Arabia of moving troops into Bahrain clearly enunciate the weakness of the Obama administration.The Saudis undertand that this is a fight engineered by Iran to bring Shiite hegemony over Bahrain and Yemen.They understood that America has lost the will to lead.This of course includes Libya.
The Saudis have been begging the US to give the green light to Israel to bomb Iran.They understood that with all his problems, replacing Mubarak could wind up with the Muslim Brotherhood in control.Deaf ears in the White House.
Today Sec. Clinton attacked the Saudis for their move.This is an extraordinary tension with the Saudis.
The capture of the Liberian freighter full of Iranian weapons including ship to ship missiles was a great piece of intelligence and commando work by the IDF.It is sad to read Haaretz that belittles every single news item that makes Israel look goog.