Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Nothing changes

It is great to be out of the hospital,however I have asked Elli to still write while I hopefully get my stregnth back.I appreciate his incisive analysis.
Nothing changes of course wih this Carter-Obama Administration.

Hamas annonced they would ban Holocaust Studies in the UNWRA Human Rights Curriculum.

The last time I looked the Insurance industry is a money-making proposition.Thus for example women who live longer pay less than men.How suprising that the EU has ruled this is sex discrimination..Thus womwn will pay more for insurance.
Just a news note without comment-The NJ College wants to set up college dorm rooms shared by either sex-I don't think Yeshiva College will ever have such immoral standards!

Hypocricy is the gold standard in the WH.
Yesterday the President met with the President's Conference regarding how much he loves Israel (pre-2012)
The real facts are contained in a request by Chairman Ros-Lehtinen of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.She has requestes a writtten response from Sec. Clinton on the recent Sec. Council vote on settlements.
In summary:
Why did UN Amb Rice ( N0TED ANTI-ISRAEL spokesperson) say it was "regretful"that she had to use the veto,instead of supporting Israel?
Why didn't we pledge in advance to veto the resolution?
Why didn't the Administration stand up and speak up for Israel?(while everone else attacked Israel
Is the upcoming Quartet meeting an opportunity to pressure Israel to impose terms upon them? and what pressure will be used on Abu Mazen?
The new chairperson is terrific.