Thursday, March 17, 2011


How do you know that a group is tainted? Try to find out if Geoge Soros is a major contributor.He realizes that his name is like a clarion call for moderate and conservative Americans to take a second look at the rececieving group, so he gives in secret.
To wit J Street,which first denied his involvement.Now comes the third OKeefe tape on NPR, and we find that Soros gave $ 1.8 million dollars to NPR.He may be indirectly involved in the firing of Juan Williams.
The feeling among these left -wing liberals that only they are sophisticated and educated is just garbage.While I do not belong to the Tea Party,and I worry about some of their rigidity and personalities,I do support a smaller leaner govt. free of Union conrtrol.(Nice to seee Palin going to Israel this weekend).Sadly the left wing has much hate and rigidity of their own,that label every person they disagree with as outside "THE PALE OF HUMANITY".
My question-Who pays for the tranportation and salaries, when these union people from Indiana for example,wind up in Wisc onsin,Michigan and Washington acting like thugs?

During the years of my leadership in AIPAC and HUVPAC , one issue that I particularly pushed was the relocation of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.On one occasion in the WH ,I even confronted Pres. Clinton with his own words as a candidate on the issue.
The problem was, that although legislation was passed calling for such a movement,it always had a "waiver " allowing the Pres. to ignore the Congress.
Now,the House Foreign Affairs Comm. is working on legislation that would not have any waiver in it.
Hopefully the legislation will " go all the way".