Monday, March 07, 2011

Pressure on Israel

Who among us would invest our families future with an unstable company,in an unstable environment.Beyoond that we would be not only bankrupt if the deal collapses and you would be totally chased out of your country.
Add to that the people who want to make a deal with you, speak a different language.In that language they professs to destroy you.
The prerssure is on Israel to make a deal-any deal with the Palestinians.
No matter that Hamas rockets still fall in S. Israel.No matter tha the entire ME is in turmoil.
For example, the new leadership in Cairo is threatening to cut off natural gas to Israel.Others in the leadership want to renege on the peace treaty with Israel.
Even under Mubarek, the "cold" peace treaty was a one way deal.Iraeli tourists to Egypt.Any Egyptians who reciprocated were ostracized.
All the unions,and academic institutions,blackballed Isreal.Govt. sponsored anti-semitism and anti-zionism was rampant.
Hizbollah in the north with Syria and Iran are waiting for further signs of Israeli weakening.
The Iranian nuclear program still continues,even though our attention has been diverted by other events in the area.
I could go on and on.
Now is the time for Israel to tell Obama and the EU-Thanks-but No thanks!