Sunday, March 06, 2011


Again I thank Elli for blogging for me during my illness.

Usually grandparents extol the accomplishments of grandchildren during their adulthood.
I previously mentioned that my grandson Jack Ganchrow was doing the play by play of his H.S. hockey games with Michael Hirt on
The school was so pleased by the reception these 2 young people had from the public, that they undertook something refreshing.
Both are freshmen ( 6 months into the year ).They created a PR facebook type film that was sent to every prospective 8th grader in Bergen County.
What was amazing to me was that as I found out,thre was no script (except for 2 lines the school wanted inserted) .These 2 young men made it appear that they have been doing this all of their lives.No AH's..or stammering.Just a free flow of information on all the academic,spiritual and athletic programs available to this growing school.I invite you to take a look-it lasts about 6-7 minutes.
This past week was the last H.S hockey game of another grandchild Zachary Ratzker, before he goes to Israel next year.This week in his outing, he scored a hat trick (his brother Jake scored 1 goal ) as Kuschner won 5-3.
Many people know that his father Dr Paul,is President of the synagogue,or a neurosurgeon.Not everone knows that Zack follow in his fathers footsteps as a star hockey player for TA.

Michael Moore believes that all wealth belongs to the govt.and if all the wealth of the rich were confiscated and redistributed, it would solve all our financial problems.
Sounds good-lets see how it works out.
Mr Moore should turn over voluntarily all his funds to the govt.,his fancy NYC apt,and any other residences he has as as example for us to follow.
No one should lecture us,unless they are willing to lead by example.