Monday, March 14, 2011


The horrific massacre at Itamar was undertaken not by humans but vicious animals.Though the pictures were graphic,they should present a visible sign for all to remember.
Think of all the Arab massacres of Jews in the Yishuv in the 1920's -30's and 40's such as the Etzion Bloc.There were no settlements, no State of Israel,just Jews trying to develop the land.What were the motives of those and every attack on innocents-not settlements but a desire to make Israel Judenfrei-drive them to the sea.
Picture the scenes in the Fogels home with Jewish bodies lying on the floor, with stab wounds and blood nearby,and multiply it by hundreds of such events in the pre-State period.
Then look at Gaza, where sweets and candy were handed out to celebrate their "victory" and you see the animalistic behavior of the Arabs.
It reminds me of watching small lions in S. Africa take apart their prey , as their parents stands guard.
The "guard" here is Abbas.He makes statements condemning violence,but in Arabic he protects and encourages through the oral,written and ceremonial modalities more hate and action against Jews.
He is the same anti-semite who wrote his PHD in Lumbumba University in Moscow on the topic of equating Zionism and Nazism.He is an anti-semitic terrorist in Paris clothing, who was a partner of Arafat on every issue.
The announcement of 500 homes to be buile is surely much too little for the proper memorial.It should have been 500-1000 per life taken.