Thursday, March 24, 2011


One of the problems Israel faces is how to respond to the rocket attacks,over and above what it is doing.Some feel that the Syrians are encouraging Hamas in order to have Israel massively respond .This would take pressure off the Syrian situation from the world.
So far the US has appreciated the Israeli limited response-Obama called Bibi to thank him.
Netanyahu was in Moscow yesterday,and there is a report that a secret meeting was set up with the Saudi FM.

As I wrote previosly, I did not believe Sarah Palin was a credible candidate for President.Last nite she was on Fox with Greta,and I have to say that both Sheila and I were truly impressed with her demeanor.She just returned from India and Israel.
It was not just her views in Israel that I felt comfortable with,but her whole approach to Libya and leadership.
She has matured since the hectic days of the campaign.If she runs she will be a formidable candidate.