Wednesday, March 09, 2011

President Peres

In any other ountry a figurehead President woul be impeached for trying to make foreign policy ,and criticize the elected Prime Minister.
In Israel Shimon Peres,wants to meet with Obama, and is publicly angry at Neyanyahu when he declared that in any peace arrangemnt,the Israelis would retain control of the Jordan Valley.
If President Peres wants to be involved in policy in a public manner, he should resign his post,and run for the Knesset.
The Palestinians have tried in every world forum to push for statehood.The one thing that they refuse to do is to sit down with the Israelis and negotiate.The other thing is the refusal to tell their people that they will have to compromise on things like the "right of return" if any progress is to be made.They will have to agree that Israel is a Jewish State.