Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ben Nelson /Iowa / Al Queda

Although I am rooting for a Republican Senate,I was saddened to learn of the decision by Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson to retire.I met with him during my PAC days,and found him to be bright and independent.He is a great friend of the US-Israel relationship.
There is a good chance that his seat will go Republican in this "Red State".Nelson was the deciding vote to pass Obamacare-an unpopular decision in his home State.

An interesting WSJ op-ed on the Iowa caucus,showng that for all the hoopla,it not really a representative election.What with small turnouts,and cross-over from Democratic voters who want to confuse the results,only 2 recent Republican nominees have won Iowa.

The reports that an Islamist army with Al Queda members,together with Libyan fighters supported by Quatar and Saudia Arabia set to attack Syria is not good news.Anything that brings Al Queda closer to Israel geographically is dangerous down the road.