Thursday, December 01, 2011

Obama a friend of Israel?

YES, the President has for the most part been good on supplying military and intelligence support to Israel.He follows in the path of Bush.
However,as Sen. Lieberman implied,he has been the worst disaster for Israel diplomatically,and politically.
From day 1 he has tried to embarress Bibi,gigve lukewarm support in the UN,
and supportED the PA over Israel.His ambush of Bibi just prior to the last trip was a classical case of screwing your friend.
His support for a left wing govt change in Israel backfired.His pressure on settlements poisoned the atmosphere.His announcement that IsraEl should go back to '67 was disgusting.
Now he has refused to lead on Iran ,and Israel will probably have no choice but to attack.
He lost Egypt,and now we have a surge of Islamic fundamentalists.
He is nowhere on Syria.He led Libya from behind and he was silent when the Iranian people took to the streets.
He is not a friend of Israel.His speech in Cairo points to Israel as a product of the Holocaust -ignoring Jewish history.
We pray for his defeat, and the creation of a real pro-Israel administration.