Monday, December 26, 2011


Eric Dondero whow was an aide for Ron Paul for 16 years has now revealed Paul's true beliefs.
He believes that Israel should not exist,and all the land given back to the Arabs.
It is no wonder that he would be happy with a nuclear Iran threatening or nuking Israel.
Paul is a disgrace to Congress ,and those who support him,do not (unless they are so anti-semitic and racist) appreciate that it is not isolationism buyt hatred he is selling.

The events in Beit Shemesh are disgraceful.
The ugly harrasment of modern orthodox students and females cannot be tolerated.
The police have to crack down.
1-children and minors who commit acts like spitting abd chasing,cursing etc should be arrested. Their parents should be sent to jail.
2- Those charedim involved should lose all government stipends.
3-Repeat offenders should be taken out of their parents home,defrocked and sent to youth camps for retraining.
4-Hate crimes should so be designated with additional penalties of fines and jail.