Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Settler violence / Mitt / logjam

As much as individual settlers dislike or hate the actions of the govt.,and the IDF ,there is no room in any democracy for attacks against the Army.The IDF is a citizens Army and it depends upon the support of the population to carry out its task.
Yes there is room for civil disobedience.However what has been reported is criminal in nature.
The area that these young people should direct their energies to is the voting booth, as well as convincing the electorate of the justice of their cause.

I saw a clip, on MSNBC when Mitt was running for Gov.He was saying that he is not a conservative, but a "moderate and progressive". It is true, that individuals change their political orientation over years.
The question is whether in Mitt's case it is due to maturity and experience, or secondary to polling results?

This MICKEY MOUSE LOGJAM on the omnibus bill, and the payroll tax-unemployment extension, is purely contrived by Obama for political purposes.I believe tghe WH will blink first.