Thursday, December 08, 2011

Newt / sex in NYC

The charge that Newt is a full time politician,while Mitt is a businessman doesn't hold up.
Mitt ran for Gov. and when his polls were low did not run for re-election.He ran for the Senate and was defeated-for President and did not make it.He has spent a good deal of his life running for office.
Newt since leaving office has been involved in consulting work and like most in the beltway,never lost touch.He has lectured,written books,and been a consultant for Fox.
The attacks on him are way out of line,and so far have not hurt him.
They will certainly immunize him when the election season post convention starts,if he is the candidate.

Sadly an on-line student newspaper at Stern College for Women of Yeshiva University (The Beacon) has a story of a sex tryst by a 20 year old woman in a NY hotel room.Why people think that washing dirty laundry in public is helpful is beyond me.Nor do I sympathize with the editors who refused to tone down the story.
There is a difference between censorship which I oppose,and shame on our traditions which such a story produces.