Sunday, December 11, 2011


Indeed,there is no such a thing as a "Palestinian " People.There are Arabs who came down from sorrounding countries as Jews started to build the land.Those Arabs who were already living there never considered themselves Palestinian.
It was the Jews pre-Israel who were the true "Palestinians". To wit,the name of the newspaper was the "PALESTINIAN POST" -now the Jerusalem Post.
The name of the symphony was the "Palesinian......-now the Israel Symphony.
The whole idea of a Palestinian State was from EU and WH pressure which made it politically incorrect to say or claim "Jordan is Palestine"
Newt is right on target in sticking to his guns,and to naming JOHN BOLTON as his Sec. of State. It was Sem Obama who prevented Bush from naming him to the permanent UN position.

The attacks against Newt by former colleagues, speaks to his toughness as a leader.He took no crap,and accomplished his goals.These small-minded politicos, aare bringing up their 30 year old grievances because they lost power.
I believe these Romney attacks will backfire,
The polls showing Obama beating Newt and Mitt, should be taken with a little grain of salt.
It is early
The enthusiasm level favors the Rep.
How about turnout?
How about that Obama's polls show a maximum 44% approval
When the dust clears and it is Obama vs--- we shall see
If Newt picks a Hispanic as a VP nominee, ie. Rubio--lets look at
Florida again

Laugh of the week-Turkish President Gul after refusing to be in the room with Ehud Barak,praises HAMAS FOR ITS PEACE EFFORTS.
Followup laugh- Abbas again refuses direct talks without Pre-conditions of "67 borders,and end to settlement construction.-Then Panetta yells to the Israelis "JUST GET BACK TO THE DAMN TABLE,"