Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Iowa / Keystone / Iran

The rise of Paul in Iowa, represents a well developed Liberatarion team on the ground.I doubt he can repeat that in S.C., Florida and NH.
The comments of Rudy Guliani that Newt would be stronger than Mitt against Obama is my impression.Even though the polls now don't show that,

It is amazing that the Obama fear of the environmentalists is threatening to close down the govt.We are currently net exporters of oil,however the Keystone oil pipe will not only add 20000 jobs,it will cement our ability to cut down on OPEC fuel.

It is a joke .a sick one at that that Obama requested Iran to return the drone.As Cheney and Bolton said, it should have been destroyed by a surgical air strike.
The move by Iran to practice cuting off the Staits of Hormuz is a provocative one, that should be met with an armada of naval vessels from various western countries.