Thursday, December 15, 2011


It is exciting to witness and be part of a growing orthodox community.
This week,4 new families have moved into our area,and have come to pray in our shul.
Five weeks ago,a new kosher meat restaurant -Goldas -opened a few blocks away.This is the first kosher establishment in Boynton.Until now we have had to travel to Boca.Last nite, we went to Goldas, enjoyed the food, ambiance and service.It was quite a large place with a bar,and the prices were moderate,and the portions large.
Today ,they are pouring concrete in the driveway of our shul Anshe Chesed.I took a tour inside last week,and it will be beautiful.It will be able to acccomodate 250-300 people with the balcony filled. (alavei we should need it).I suspect that we will move in late Jan-Feb.

This week I joined HOD the Halachic Organ Donor Society.They have a network of Orthodox Jewish physicians who are committed to modern medicine,Jewish tradition who will carry organ donor cards,and contribute a small amount to raise awareness.This is a great mitzvah .Information from HODS.ORG