Monday, December 12, 2011

Efrat and Ban / Newt

It's always nice when you see fairness and evenhandedness on the part of international leaders.
UN Sec. Gen Ban has attacked the construction of 40 homes in Efrat, as being dangerous to the peace process ,and by way against International law.
He neglected to comment on the daily rockets of Hamas from Gaza,and their production in the Sinai as a cause for concern.

Years ago when I was in practice, one of my partners had a bad temper on occasion.It could happen in the O.R.,or on the tennis court.He was a perfectionist.Some of the less self-confident nurses did not want to scrub with him.
However those who were self-confident fought to be in his room.For you see,he had a pair of golden hands.It was a pleasure to watch him operate.His clinical judgement was superior.If I or any of my family would have needed surgery,I would be confident in him.
I write this because of all the attacks on Newt.I never served under him,but was friendly with key staffers and leaders.I never heard a word about hid leadership abilities in a negative sense.
However, when your task is to balance the budget, and create a "Contract with America",it is inevitable that you will step on toes.
The criteria for my partner was -A great doctor-or Not?-for Newt- a proven leader who can accomplish that which he sets out to undertake-or someone who is a Republican Carter?