Monday, December 05, 2011

Hillary followup

I neglected to complete Hillary's outrageous charges against Israel.That because in charedi areas women sit in the back of the bus -it reminds her of Iran.
She should know in Monsey and Monroe USA this is the NORM.
She also was upset that male soldiers walked out while females sang.She has no feeing for Jewish law,and the rules of modesty in our traditions.
She should concentrate on the role of women slaves in Arab-African countries.Her worry about the role of women in the Israeli body politic is outrageous-look at the heads of Kadimah and the Supreme Court.
This is classical anti-semitism dressed up as anti-zionism.
Would it be that womens rights in the Arab world would even be 50% of that in Israel,then perhaps someone in the diaspora could complain.
For the Sec. of State to try to undermine Israel as a pure DEMOCRACY-IS EVIL.
My Democratic friends should remember this in 4 years when Hillary challenges Pres. Gingrich

The clearest explanation so far is that he is preparing for an Obama win,and wants to have
1-the election out of the way, so Obama cannot influence it.
2-a mandate, so that when he fights with Obama,he will feel secure.This might include an attack on Iran,increased settlement growth,war with Syria,Hamas and/or Hezbollah.