Sunday, December 04, 2011

It never stops!

The real face of the anti-Israel dogma is coming to the fore once again by the Obama left-wing team
Item. Panetta bangs on the table, and blames Israel for lack of direct talks with PA. Israel says let's talk without pre-conditions
Abbas sets conditions-Where is the fairness? or the friendship?
Item.The US Ambassador to Belgium at a public forum,blames anti-semitism on Israel's policies.He probably is Jewish,Where is the outrage?
Item.Hillary Clinton attacks Knesset for the bills limiting outside funding to Israeli NGO's for the purpose of subverting Israel.Where is her attack on Saudia Arabia for preventing women fromm driving?
Israel is under the gun and even friends like Germany forced Israel to submit to the PA the tax money, or lose the sixth submarine they are going to build for Israel.Where is the attack on Abbas for violating Oslo ,by unilaterally going to the UN?