Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mattisyahu / Syria

Today was Sheila's birthday.A number of months ago we bought tickets for Mattisyahu at the Kravis Center in W. Palm Beach.
When our kids found out , they laughed and bet we would a) not last 10 minutes b) not last 3 songs and c)did we know he shaves his beard,and sang no Hebrew ?
The 2000 + people looked like they were 75% non-Jewish.They were young,although some seniors brought young grandchildren.I cannot verify which language he sang in.I do know he cane out 20 minutes late,with the audience applauding and getting restless.
The program dod not mention "Israel " or "Jewish" in his bio.He wore dark glasses.did not move from his seat,except to sip a can of water.He certainly has no personality.
The accompanist was a local guitar player.
Oh yes-we lasted about 20 minutes-maybe 5 "songs" which sounded all the same.He did wear tzizis sans beard.
At least there was no rush to get out of the parking lot.

Sudanese General Mustafa Al-Dab is the head of the Arab League team in Syria investigating the Syrian brutality on their population.
By the way-he is under indictment for crimes against humanity as part of the genocide in Darfur.