Thursday, March 31, 2011

Energy double talk

Since Obama has made it so difficult to drill for oil in the US.,and the cost of gas has doubled so far on his watch ,Americans should be reminded of this on a daily basis.
I propose that gas stations all across America place Obamas picture on the pump and add a little note:
"The cost of the gas is directly related to our President -who wants gas prices to go up,so we will use less fossil fuel.""let the President know how you feel!"
The President proposes aiding Brazil to drill for oil,even as his administration hampers our local companies.
The caribou will do fine.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Left / Libya- leaderless

Discoure, debate, disagreement are all part of the American way.We encourage people to defend their point of view.Hopefully it is done in a respctful and civilized way.
Lately we see a different kind of public response.The actors are primarily from the left.They are reminiscent of the Vietnam era.They travel by bus from State to State.They are not interested in discussion,but in confrontation.They will follow legislators or managers to their homes to harrass and frighten innocent families.They are often union inspired-if not paid for.
Their actions speaks to a lack of civility,but more than that .They have forfeited the high ground on the issues.Instead they act like a mob.Taking over the rotunda of a State Capitol and refusing to allow members to enter is the work of a "civilian terrorism."
When they can't get their way after free elections, they run out of state to prevent a quorum.
It may take one or two election cycles to teach the public service unions a lesson-namely that public servants are just that.We the people who pay their salaries have had enough of their shenanigans.

The conclusion of the meeting in London again showed that you cannot win a war by committee.
The end game? to recognize the rebels? to arm the rebels? to train the rebels? put boots ito Libya? whose?
I hope we don't see American casualties coming home!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


What is the Obama doctrine ?
Humanitarian relief?-Look around thw world,where million of refugees from civil wars and political unrest should have been,or should be covered.
When the UN, the Arab League and Britan and France say go-we go?Is that the "LEADERSHIP OF A PRESIDENT"?
What happens after Gadaffi leaves or is killed?
As of today the wily Colonel is still holding on,and it could take a considerable time for either side to win, unless the "allies" arm and train the rebels.
The Syrian situation brings into the foreront ths terrible judgement of Sen. Kerry,who as Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee should know better.
He has nurtured a relationship with Assad,as a "reformer", despite his relationship with Iran ,Hezbollah and the murder of the Lebanese President.The State Dept. recently sent an Ambassador to Damascus,and in light of current events should be recalled.
Remember Assad's father gassed 20,000 countrymen at Hama.

The stand of the Dept. of Justice to intervene on behalf of a Muslim math teacher who after a few months on the job was denied a request for a 19 day leave to go to Mecca is outrageous.Their reasoning without a scintilla of evidence is that they are standing up to fight anti-Muslim intolerance.But the school never showed such an attitude,rather they need her in the classroom.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


One of the problems Israel faces is how to respond to the rocket attacks,over and above what it is doing.Some feel that the Syrians are encouraging Hamas in order to have Israel massively respond .This would take pressure off the Syrian situation from the world.
So far the US has appreciated the Israeli limited response-Obama called Bibi to thank him.
Netanyahu was in Moscow yesterday,and there is a report that a secret meeting was set up with the Saudi FM.

As I wrote previosly, I did not believe Sarah Palin was a credible candidate for President.Last nite she was on Fox with Greta,and I have to say that both Sheila and I were truly impressed with her demeanor.She just returned from India and Israel.
It was not just her views in Israel that I felt comfortable with,but her whole approach to Libya and leadership.
She has matured since the hectic days of the campaign.If she runs she will be a formidable candidate.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kissinger on Iran

Flash; UN Human Right Council to vote on 6 anti-Israel resolutions-what's new?

Today we have seen rockets hit Beersheba,Ashdod other Negev areas plus the bus bombing in Jerusalem.Sounds like a good scenario for Israel to sue for peace!

Henry Kissinger is right on target.Libya is a side show.We must keep our eye on
Iran.Not only the Sunni-Shia battles close to Saudia Arabia which threaten US influence,but the really big question of her nuclear program.
Obama has shown the world and certainly the Israelis-you cannot put any trust in American leadership or promises.This is a lost administration without an idea of what the next step is.
Hillary would have been much better as President.
The leadership fiasco would be funny if not so sad.
So far rhe old adage,as seen in Iraq and elsewhere is that airpower is important,however you need boots on the ground to win a war.
This is the reason that Bibi has insisted that no matter what deal is ever struck with the PA, Israeli troops must guard the Jordan River, etc.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Libya- who is in charge? / Palestinian State

Since WW II it has been obvious that the US is the leader of the free world.This is primarily because of our economic might as well as military power.While Europe was concentrating on social programs, we never neglected our military budget.
Korea,Vietnam,Bosnia,Iraq and Afghanistan rightly or not have depended upon the political will of the US.
Now in Libya under President Carter, sorry I meant Obama,we have indecision, contradictory statemnts and a lack of leadership.The NATO meeting clealy showed that the old Abbott and Costello joke "whose on first" may be applicable.
Turkey a member of NATO, but not invited to the 22 group meeting where a decision was made to attack,objected to NATO leading the attack.A unanimous decision is required.
Italy which is allowing 7 of its airfields for the campaign said they may withdraw that right if NATO is not the lead.France wants to be the leader,but others object.
In addition it is not clear if the French goal is the same as Obama's.Unfortunately Obama keeps saying the goal is to get rid of Gadaffi,but not with the no-fly zone.However there is no statement as to how to reach his political goal.In addition more and more voices are being heard in Congress and the media regarding a lack of true consultation with Congress.
No one really knows the end game and what are the red lines.Luckily the downed pilot was not picked up by Libyan reulars.
All in all -a classical lack of leadership-if we succeed,it will be pure luck.

The French Foreign Minister Fillon took the opportunity of the attacks on Libya to say that there must be a Palestinian State in 2011.
Unfortunately no word on the 50+ rockets from Gaza yesterday.
No word on the atrocity in Itamar, and its root cause, -the hatred instilled in the Palestinianian population in schools,tV, media etc.
No mention of the failure to have the PA recognize Israel as a Jewish State.
Of course I could go on-however he talks nonsense-even if the UN declares a State-it would be without borders,currency, open skies, access to the sea and a divided antagonistic population in Gaza and Judea-Samaria.

Monday, March 21, 2011


I am in the middle of a wonderful book The (Israeli) Prime Ministers by Yehuda Avner,given to me by my friend Lois Blumenfeld.It is a must read for anyone interested in the story of modern Israel, by Ambassador Avner who was a close confidant of most of the modern Prime Ministers.

I have a hard time following the logic of President Obama.More than once he says Gadaffi has to go.How? By who? Within what time frame?
Yet he announces we are not out to remove him.
If you were Gadaffi ,you would just wait it out.The British and French will get tired in 2 weeks.The US wants out now.The Arab League is in,then out then back in.Where are the Saudis and Jordanians,as well as the Egyptians.
It it all a charade..
Who are the rebels? Islamists? We really don't know.
Who will govern? even in the area they control?
Gadaffi says this will be a long war.He may be right.
I have seen 2 articles suggesting that this anti-Muslim attack will lead to greater pressure for the EU to push for a Palestinian State next year in the UN.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


How do you know that a group is tainted? Try to find out if Geoge Soros is a major contributor.He realizes that his name is like a clarion call for moderate and conservative Americans to take a second look at the rececieving group, so he gives in secret.
To wit J Street,which first denied his involvement.Now comes the third OKeefe tape on NPR, and we find that Soros gave $ 1.8 million dollars to NPR.He may be indirectly involved in the firing of Juan Williams.
The feeling among these left -wing liberals that only they are sophisticated and educated is just garbage.While I do not belong to the Tea Party,and I worry about some of their rigidity and personalities,I do support a smaller leaner govt. free of Union conrtrol.(Nice to seee Palin going to Israel this weekend).Sadly the left wing has much hate and rigidity of their own,that label every person they disagree with as outside "THE PALE OF HUMANITY".
My question-Who pays for the tranportation and salaries, when these union people from Indiana for example,wind up in Wisc onsin,Michigan and Washington acting like thugs?

During the years of my leadership in AIPAC and HUVPAC , one issue that I particularly pushed was the relocation of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.On one occasion in the WH ,I even confronted Pres. Clinton with his own words as a candidate on the issue.
The problem was, that although legislation was passed calling for such a movement,it always had a "waiver " allowing the Pres. to ignore the Congress.
Now,the House Foreign Affairs Comm. is working on legislation that would not have any waiver in it.
Hopefully the legislation will " go all the way".

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


The move by Saudia Arabia of moving troops into Bahrain clearly enunciate the weakness of the Obama administration.The Saudis undertand that this is a fight engineered by Iran to bring Shiite hegemony over Bahrain and Yemen.They understood that America has lost the will to lead.This of course includes Libya.
The Saudis have been begging the US to give the green light to Israel to bomb Iran.They understood that with all his problems, replacing Mubarak could wind up with the Muslim Brotherhood in control.Deaf ears in the White House.
Today Sec. Clinton attacked the Saudis for their move.This is an extraordinary tension with the Saudis.
The capture of the Liberian freighter full of Iranian weapons including ship to ship missiles was a great piece of intelligence and commando work by the IDF.It is sad to read Haaretz that belittles every single news item that makes Israel look goog.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The lethargy of Obama

Many commentators have commented on the behavior of our President.On Saturday he gave a radio address.It was the day after the Japanese disaster.He did not mentionJapan, Libya, the defecit or Jobs.He limited himself to womens pay issues.Afterwards he went to play golf.
On the Hill neither he or his V.P., has shown any leadership or real interest in coming up with a plan that will solve the problem.of the debt.
In short, the President who commented that "it would be easier to be Preident of China" has little desire to tackle world problems.France, England and the Arab League await American leadership.Obama has no interest in "LEADERSHIP" on the world stage.
He loves to make lofty speeches with flowing promises,howevever it is all talk.He promised the Unions he would be there on the picket lines.However in Wisconsin he was totally absent.
It is too bad that there is no higher offiuce in the world than US President.For if there were,he would be out campaigning for it.He appears less than committed to his current office and its daily pragmatic decisions that are required.

Monday, March 14, 2011


The horrific massacre at Itamar was undertaken not by humans but vicious animals.Though the pictures were graphic,they should present a visible sign for all to remember.
Think of all the Arab massacres of Jews in the Yishuv in the 1920's -30's and 40's such as the Etzion Bloc.There were no settlements, no State of Israel,just Jews trying to develop the land.What were the motives of those and every attack on innocents-not settlements but a desire to make Israel Judenfrei-drive them to the sea.
Picture the scenes in the Fogels home with Jewish bodies lying on the floor, with stab wounds and blood nearby,and multiply it by hundreds of such events in the pre-State period.
Then look at Gaza, where sweets and candy were handed out to celebrate their "victory" and you see the animalistic behavior of the Arabs.
It reminds me of watching small lions in S. Africa take apart their prey , as their parents stands guard.
The "guard" here is Abbas.He makes statements condemning violence,but in Arabic he protects and encourages through the oral,written and ceremonial modalities more hate and action against Jews.
He is the same anti-semite who wrote his PHD in Lumbumba University in Moscow on the topic of equating Zionism and Nazism.He is an anti-semitic terrorist in Paris clothing, who was a partner of Arafat on every issue.
The announcement of 500 homes to be buile is surely much too little for the proper memorial.It should have been 500-1000 per life taken.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


We see it every single day and we sort of develop a sixth sense,as to how far that hypocricy goes over the line.
The screaming of the Dems in Wisconsin is so far above the line,that there is no way to measure them.
Legislatures are meant to be a place where both parties join ,debate,compromise and vote.Sometomes one party has many more votes than the other(as we saw in last years makeup of the Dem. majority in the US cONGRESS),and then the people decide it is time for a change (to wit-the US House-now)
Democracy requires that elected officials not run away when they cannot get their way.
For the Dems in Wisconsin who ran away to Illinois for just under a month,to claim that "democracy was stolen" is a joke.They were outsmarted by their ego.
They used a legislative trick that said that a quorom was needed to discuss budgetary matters.They took advantage of the system, never thinking that the Reps would run out of patience.
Similarly the the Reps used a well known Wisconsin legislative move,that says in order to consider a bill, you need only post it on the bulletin board.They did more than -giving a 2 hour notice of the final vote.
What remains to be seen of course is how this will play out.Threatened union labor strikes should be met with a tough Ronald Reagan (air controllers) approach.
Recall petitions are part of democracy.
However all the chatter on the left that this is a shot in the arm for "progressives" is just a lot of talk.The majority of voters in Wisconsin do not want tax hikes and they will judge future elections by how well the actions of the last days work out.
Yes it could be a left wing boon.It could also be the death kneel for public service unions.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

President Peres

In any other ountry a figurehead President woul be impeached for trying to make foreign policy ,and criticize the elected Prime Minister.
In Israel Shimon Peres,wants to meet with Obama, and is publicly angry at Neyanyahu when he declared that in any peace arrangemnt,the Israelis would retain control of the Jordan Valley.
If President Peres wants to be involved in policy in a public manner, he should resign his post,and run for the Knesset.
The Palestinians have tried in every world forum to push for statehood.The one thing that they refuse to do is to sit down with the Israelis and negotiate.The other thing is the refusal to tell their people that they will have to compromise on things like the "right of return" if any progress is to be made.They will have to agree that Israel is a Jewish State.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

An impotent President / Wisconsin

It is is sickening to see our world go to pot as we have an impotent and clueless President tee off -not against Quadaffi,but against a golf ball.
I have no love nor indeed any attachment to the Libyan rebels-other than they are my enemies enemy.I have no real knowledge that a no-fly zone would prevent a massacre of the rebels.However, it is our moral responsibilityto do something besides debate within the UN.
John McCain is right on target.The Libyans have poor defensive radar,and it would be easy to lnock them out,and change the equation.
As we pointed out yesterday,the British have joined Obama in saying that the unrest in the ME, should not prevent Israel from making concessions to Abbas.

Kudos to the ZOA for pointing out the anti-Israel feelings of the NPR leadership. Now is the time to defund.

If I were in charge in Wisconsin, I would raise the pressure on the absent Dems. by adding the following:
At the end of the week,change the locks on all of their offices,and cut-off phone access.
In on e week all of their employees should be terminated as State employees.
On week after that the position should be considered vacant, and all offices should be opened and cleaned of all material.-all of their employees should be considered terminated.
Until then the fine on each Dem. should increase by $ 100-150 per week.
If their cell phones are paid by the State,service should be terminated.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Pressure on Israel

Who among us would invest our families future with an unstable company,in an unstable environment.Beyoond that we would be not only bankrupt if the deal collapses and you would be totally chased out of your country.
Add to that the people who want to make a deal with you, speak a different language.In that language they professs to destroy you.
The prerssure is on Israel to make a deal-any deal with the Palestinians.
No matter that Hamas rockets still fall in S. Israel.No matter tha the entire ME is in turmoil.
For example, the new leadership in Cairo is threatening to cut off natural gas to Israel.Others in the leadership want to renege on the peace treaty with Israel.
Even under Mubarek, the "cold" peace treaty was a one way deal.Iraeli tourists to Egypt.Any Egyptians who reciprocated were ostracized.
All the unions,and academic institutions,blackballed Isreal.Govt. sponsored anti-semitism and anti-zionism was rampant.
Hizbollah in the north with Syria and Iran are waiting for further signs of Israeli weakening.
The Iranian nuclear program still continues,even though our attention has been diverted by other events in the area.
I could go on and on.
Now is the time for Israel to tell Obama and the EU-Thanks-but No thanks!

Sunday, March 06, 2011


Again I thank Elli for blogging for me during my illness.

Usually grandparents extol the accomplishments of grandchildren during their adulthood.
I previously mentioned that my grandson Jack Ganchrow was doing the play by play of his H.S. hockey games with Michael Hirt on
The school was so pleased by the reception these 2 young people had from the public, that they undertook something refreshing.
Both are freshmen ( 6 months into the year ).They created a PR facebook type film that was sent to every prospective 8th grader in Bergen County.
What was amazing to me was that as I found out,thre was no script (except for 2 lines the school wanted inserted) .These 2 young men made it appear that they have been doing this all of their lives.No AH's..or stammering.Just a free flow of information on all the academic,spiritual and athletic programs available to this growing school.I invite you to take a look-it lasts about 6-7 minutes.
This past week was the last H.S hockey game of another grandchild Zachary Ratzker, before he goes to Israel next year.This week in his outing, he scored a hat trick (his brother Jake scored 1 goal ) as Kuschner won 5-3.
Many people know that his father Dr Paul,is President of the synagogue,or a neurosurgeon.Not everone knows that Zack follow in his fathers footsteps as a star hockey player for TA.

Michael Moore believes that all wealth belongs to the govt.and if all the wealth of the rich were confiscated and redistributed, it would solve all our financial problems.
Sounds good-lets see how it works out.
Mr Moore should turn over voluntarily all his funds to the govt.,his fancy NYC apt,and any other residences he has as as example for us to follow.
No one should lecture us,unless they are willing to lead by example.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Akaka/Thomas Friedman

Elliot Ganchrow writes:

The good news keeps rolling in for the Republicans as Senator Daniel Akaka of Hawaii announced that he would not run again in 2012. All you need to know about Akaka was that his top priority in the last Congress was to grant Native Hawiians the right to form their own government. Clearly, he will not be missed. With former Governor Lingle looming as a possible candidate, it is possible that the Republicans could have a shot at this seat.


Few writers get it wrong more consistently than Thomas Friedman of the New York Times. Yet yesterday's column was so bizarre that at first I thought it was his April Fool's edition. As it wasn't April 1st, I can only assume that Mr. Friedman was being serious in his contention that the election of President Obama was partly responsible for the remarkable democracy movement taking hold in the Arab world. But, you wonder, Obama hasn't done anything to support the young Eygptians, Libyans or Tunisians in their movement against their dictators- how is he responsible for these events. Here's Friedman's explanation, "I'm convinced that listening to Obama's 2009 Cairo speech-not the words, but the man- were more than a few young Arabs who were saying to themselves:'Hmmm, lets se. He's young. I'm young. He's dark-skinned. I'm dark-skinned. His middle name is Hussein. My name is Hussein. His grandfather is a Muslim. My grandfather is a Muslim. He is President of the United States. And I'm an unemployed younf Arab with no vote and no voice in my future." So Obama caused the Arab revolution simply by being a quasi-Muslim. You cannot make this stuff up. Maybe Friedman can nominate President Obama for his second Nobel Peace Prize.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Nothing changes

It is great to be out of the hospital,however I have asked Elli to still write while I hopefully get my stregnth back.I appreciate his incisive analysis.
Nothing changes of course wih this Carter-Obama Administration.

Hamas annonced they would ban Holocaust Studies in the UNWRA Human Rights Curriculum.

The last time I looked the Insurance industry is a money-making proposition.Thus for example women who live longer pay less than men.How suprising that the EU has ruled this is sex discrimination..Thus womwn will pay more for insurance.
Just a news note without comment-The NJ College wants to set up college dorm rooms shared by either sex-I don't think Yeshiva College will ever have such immoral standards!

Hypocricy is the gold standard in the WH.
Yesterday the President met with the President's Conference regarding how much he loves Israel (pre-2012)
The real facts are contained in a request by Chairman Ros-Lehtinen of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.She has requestes a writtten response from Sec. Clinton on the recent Sec. Council vote on settlements.
In summary:
Why did UN Amb Rice ( N0TED ANTI-ISRAEL spokesperson) say it was "regretful"that she had to use the veto,instead of supporting Israel?
Why didn't we pledge in advance to veto the resolution?
Why didn't the Administration stand up and speak up for Israel?(while everone else attacked Israel
Is the upcoming Quartet meeting an opportunity to pressure Israel to impose terms upon them? and what pressure will be used on Abu Mazen?
The new chairperson is terrific.