Thursday, November 20, 2008


The fact that there will be 32 Jewish members of the incoming House, and 13 Jewish Senators, while certainly a point of pride, should not be a source of complacency.Many are on the left side of the political spectrum ,even on Israel.While they would never sit idly by if Israel were endangered, the problem is that she is endangered every single day.
Today for example, a former Nobel Peace Prize winner, called for Israel's expulsion from the UN.
The International Atomic Energy Commission confirmed that Syria was building nuclear weapons, and that Iran continues to compile material, which some claim is enough for one nuclear bomb.
The rockets from Gaza continue,yet Jordan,the UN and EU only condemn the closing of the Gaza gates,and not the reason for their closure.
The political battle for Jerusalem and the Temple Mount is just taking form, as the left pressures Obama to accept the Saudi plan.
We should not take for granted these legislators,of different backgrounds and persuasions.
Each of us should use any opportunity we have to reinforce the morality and justice of our cause when we interact with them-and not assume they are all equally sophisicated and knowledgble on our issues.


A number of years I wrote an op-ed on Amorality.Unlike immorality, where the norm is known but not observed,the former totally denies the relevance of these standards.
I wa thinking of that today, when I saw that an incoming Member of Congress is pregnant,and the father is a long time boyfriend who is not yet married to the woman(who is in her later stages of pregnancy).Not too long ago,such a woman would hide her head in shame.Today, with no moral standards, she runs for Congress and wins.
The second example are the large gay demonstrations against the gay marriage bans.
Every week the NYT, hi-lites some prominent gay "unions".This alone allows for respectability, for that which is an "abomination" in the eyes of G-d.
But who cares about the Bible,the SANCTITY OF MARRIAGE or religion,when hedonistic materialism rules our society via MTV standards etc. People such as myself are "bigoted" "small minded"and "un-American" etc .
Certainly it is harder to bring up children in a permissive society.
Yet, when you look at the children in our communities who go to Day Schools and Yeshivoth,we can be proud, that despite our environment they are growing up as proud Torah Jews with a Torah based morality.