Monday, November 17, 2008

Feb 10 is coming

With the Israeli election scheduled for Feb. 10, the slates that will compete are showing a major shuffling of personalities.We already know ( and commented) that Benny Begin is joining Likud.But now,2 additional well know former military leaders are likewise joining Likud. They are Gen. Moshe Ya'alon former IDF Chief of Staff, and former IDF deputy Chief Uzi Dayan.
I recall meeting Ya'alon in the office of Sen. Lieberman in Washington shortly after he was appointed.These 3 will strenghthen the nationalistic front of Likud,but may deprive some old-timers of knesset seats.
A suprise announcement came in the form of Uzi Landau not only returning to politics,but joining Yisrael Bitanu as number 2 to Lieberman.Should Netanyahu win AND PUT TOGETHER A CABINET,UZI WILL SERVE AS A FORCE AGAINST COMPROMISE.
I have great respect for his integrity, which is on par with Benny Begin.
Similarly some Labor people are moving to Meretz which will further weaken Labor.
These are good moves for the "good guys"