Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Ehud Olmert as he awaits possible indictment and upcoming elections has thrown out all of his long held positions.
I remember very well when he was Mayor of Jerusalem,and I had many discussions with him rergarding Orient House and the attempts to prevent Arab infiltration into Jerusalem.Then he was a pure likudnick.
Now, as the end nears, he shames himself by staying in office and attempting to negotiate without a mandate. He proposes to divide Jerusalem and now he publicly decries "60 years of deep-seated discrimination against ...Arabs" in Israel.
Nowhere does he talk about the security dangers that are present every day, despite which Arabs have full voter righs .The freedoms of Arabs is off the chart,when compared to all the ME countries.
With rockets coming in from Gaza,Iran claiming to have new solid-fuel rockets that can hit Israel,and Hizbollah to the north waiting with Syria for their chance to hit Israel,Israel can be proud of how it tries to treat its citizens.
Of course it is not perfect-but Israel is still at war and the Gaza withdrawal of Mr. Olmert only endangered the country.
It is time for new leadership.