Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Left wing Media / GM

I neglected to add the name of Dan Meridor to those who are returning to Likud.The likud primary will be Dec. 8 and will allow their slate to be chosen.

We saw so much left wing biased media coverage of the recent election,and that thankfully it is over.However the coverage of Israel and the left tilt in some papers continues.
Yesterdays Palm Beach Post has a story regarding Obama and ME peace.The headlines on the followup page reads"Neyanyahu may be obstacle ,Middle East experts agree".
Who are these "experts?
Yussie Beilin a discredited FORMER left wing member of knesset,who runs around pontificating on his left wing point of view.
The second is Ziad Abu Amr, a "MODERATE" member of the Palestinian Legislative Council.
That's it folks!
No rebuttal,no Americans .This is the garbage you get from the anti-Israel left wing,under the guise of pushing peace..

I was thinking about all the airlines that came out of bankruptry stronger and invigorated.Pouring taxpayer money into GM will not force consumers to buy their cars.Personally I drive a Hyundai (great car) and a second car Tyota ( '03 but terrific). Over the last years I have driven Lexus, Infiniti and have found them superior to my old American cars.
Until the quality, styling and business models of the big 3 shape up, giving them megadollars is simply a waste.Only a bankruptcy Court can straighten out 20 years of poor management and union excesses.