Friday, November 28, 2008


Since 9/11 ,there has been a sense of complacency since we have not had another attack on this soil.The Mumbai attack confirms what we know ,that a small group of dedicated ,well trained terrorists who have taken the time to scout out their targets, can cause unbelievable destruction.More than the loss of life and property is THE FEAR THEY INSTILL IN THE POPULACE.
Some names come into mind,Maalot,Munich, 9/11, USS Cole and all the suicide bombs in Israel.The world cannot relax, and when intelligence experts push for safeguards-ie. the Patriot Act, wiretapping on suspected international terrorists, we must be vigilant to prevent the far left from preventing their enactment in the name of civil liberties.
The greatest threat to our civil liberties is terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism.Of course there has to be both Judiciary and legislative oversight,plus good common sense and the use of real experts who have walked the walk and not just talked the talk.

My son Elli may blog for me over the next few days, as we take 2 grandchildren to Disney