Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jerusalem elections / l wing attacks on Obama / Bush

We have become so dependent upon our computers,cell phones etc,that we are lost without them.
Yesterday,my computer crashed and it require a new hard drive. This afternoon as it was being fixed,I recieved a call from Israel from our travel agent.( I am once again leading a mission of my Talmud shiur-in late April-May with CME credits-anyone interested please call me).She informed me she couldn't e-mail as her computer was down.In the middle of the conversation we had a power outage here in Boynton !

The results of the Jerusalem Mayorality election today are stunning.The haredi candidate lost , and there is reason to hope that the next Chief Rabbi of the city,will be modern orthodox.

The commotion over possibly asking Sec. Gates to stay on for one year as head of the Defense Dept.,is only the first round of left wing criticisms of Obama over adding troops to Afghanistan, and going slow over the efforts to change intelligence methodology.
Speaking of which,this nation owes Pres. Bush a great debt for calmly but steadfastly keeping our country safe after 9/11. He is about to realize the victory in Iraq for which he staked his reputation on, and unfortunately lost the confidence of the people.
Americans like a quick war-Grenada or Panama- in and out with victory. We have no patience for a protracted conflict.
Bush, did not use his veto during his early years, and let govt. grow and grow.
It will take a decade for his polling data to come up to the levels he deserves.

I used to like Jay Leno.However lately his jokes are stale and politically correct.He never makes fun of Obama or Biden. Last nite, it was Bush-Cheney- Palin and McCain .
This reverse rascism where you can't make fun of Obama presumably because of his skin color is what should I call it-stifling!