Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mumbai / Bad girls club

About four or five years ago Sheila and I stayed at the Haj Hotel during our visit to India.It is one of a chain of magnificent 5 star hotels all over the country. It is old worldly with unbelievable amenities.
During that trip, we prayed in the synagogue.but there was no Chabad House there yet.Rabbi and Mrs. Holtzberg had just come to the country a few weeks earlier.They invited us to eat with them in a one room hotel apartment that they were renting on a temporary basis ,until they could get settled.I remember vividly the hot plates with cholent etc with extension cords going out the door into the hall, since there were not enough outlets in the room.Latest reports have them both as hostages and unconscious.
Thus it is personally sad to see what is transpiring.We pray for the safe release of all of the hostages,and the defeat of terror.

One thought: What would have possibly changed if this attack occurred 1 week before our elections?

This morning while changing channels I came across a program "the bad girls club". This is the picture of white trash ,which is none of my business.Except at 11 AM on a holiday day, when kids are by the TV watching the parade and changing channels this is the wrong message to send out.
Drinking, smoking,baring of breasts,sexually fooling around, is the theme of this program.
I do not advocate govt. censorship,however advertisers, parents, TV stations have to live up to their obligations.
Then, when we hear rape is up in the country,we ask why? Similarly when we hear that moral standards are lower, we again ask the same question.