Monday, November 24, 2008

The Golan.

The poll in todays JP, that 1/3 of Israelis believe the IDF soldiers should disregard orders re. the Golan ,if ordered to remove settlers reminds me of a conversation I had with Bibi Netanyahu when he ran successfully for PM.
While campaigning in Netanya, he asked to speak to me privately.I was at the height of my politival activism in the OU,HUVPAC and AIPAC.
His message was clear-the Golan was important to Israel and should not be returned.At that time there was talk of an American military buffer to guarantee the peace.His message was to work the halls of Congress, and impress upon them that such a proposal might wind up a) costing American lives that would lead to b) conflict between Israel and the US.
The reported unity of Iran,Syria and Hizbollah in regard to the Golan,as well as the report that the latter has 44,000 rockets aimed at Israel makes talk of withdrawal ridiculous.
Olmert who is now in Washington has not rebutted the claim by Rice, that only the political problems in Israel have prevented a deal. Never mind Hamas and rockets. Never mind Abbas does not control Gaza.Never mind that there is no Palestinian concesssions on"refugees" or Jerusalem=it's all the fault of the Jews.He says divide Jerusalem,destroy the Jewish areas of Yehuda and Shomrom.What a guy!
I have one word to describe Mr Olmert -If you don't know -please be assured it is not a compliment=He is a M'NUVAL.
At this moment Bibi is leading in the polls-however it is still early