Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Indictment / CBS story

The decision to indict Olmert is long overdue,based on the public testimony.That he will not step aside voluntarily, is quite unbelievable.That he thinks he has the power in such a critical moment to run the affairs of State is delusional.

The CBS story on sexual immorality in the hasidic community is of course sad.No group is immune from human frailties, and sexual immorality is as old as the bible.
Once again we see that the definition of a Torah Jew is not the black hat,or any other dress or "chumra" (additional prohibitions )but rather how he/she conducts themselves not only in the synagogue,but in the home, business ,as well as all areas that inter-relate to society whether in their own family,closed community, or the greater world.

Whether these stories are the tip of the iceberg or are anomolies I do not know.However, when I was pushing the investigation into the Lanner affair,the anonymous complaints from students and others made me believe that there is cause for concern.Look at the web sites that specialize in discussing such behavior on the part of "religious" figures
Surely these stories represent an assault on the torah way of life.What is needed is early intervention in schools and synagogues to weed out those that have suffered sexual or physical abuse in their homes and families.
How chasidic leaders will handle the issues of loveless arranged marriages in the
21st century will determine whether we will see more such stories being made public.
Marriage counseling must be made an integral part of the support network of their community.