Friday, November 14, 2008

Sec. Hillary ? big 3 bankruptcy / other thoughts

The rumors of a Hillary appointment as Sec. of State is interesting and provocative.As is this Monday meeting in Chicago with Sen. McCain it raises the spectre of reaching out to your former enemies and across the aisle.
Appointing a left-wing "Republican" like Chuck Hagel, who did not support thr ticket, would not be accepted as a move toward bipartisanship.
Hillary is smart, ready to take her place,provided there can be a meeting of the minds on issues such as missile-defense,N0rth Korea, Iran and Israel as prime examples.
However, the Obama team so far is thinking out of the box.Of course it is a revival of the Clinton Administration, and it is hard to discern a mood of change -yet.

One main reason to allow the big 3 to move toward bankruptcy would be the necessity of reorganizing, and renegotiating union contracts that would allow either a combined company,or 2 companies to survive.This is the example of the airlines,and despite the aggravation,it does work.

Watching MSNBC as I flip channels from Fox to CNN, one cannot be but negatively impressed with the mean spirited approach of Rachel Maddow.Her description of Sen. Lieberman last nite and her thoughts on how she would handle him,left a bitter taste at least in my mouth.

The strange events unfolding in Minn. as they daily find "LOST" ballots,almost all of them against Norm Coleman, reminds me of Chicago,where ballots were found in the river in the Nixon -Kennedy election. Statistcally, it is almost impossible that in such a huge state with a 50-5o vote.all the revised and found ballots are in a Democratic district,and for Al Franken.